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Succulent Wedding Favours $4 each in Clay pots OR 

$6 in White ceramic pots 

_Thank-you for helping me grow_ teacher gifts $20 _#ham #hamilton #succulents #smallbusiness
Succulents! Get your Succulents!  Contact me for pricing and details
Succulent pick up today! $4 each _#succulents #minisucculents
Calling all Succulent lovers!!! Buy 1 get one free until January 27th _Assorted Succulents _Email_ K
Succulents sold individually or in arrangements
Mini Succulents _#succulents $4 each order today
Succulents Succulents Succulents _Arrangement $50
Gorgeous new Succulent arrivals! _#succulents #flowers #love _Medium(shown in photo) $8

Ela's succulents

Large ceramic 



starting @ $55

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