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That's a wrap!

2018 in a wrap!

2018 was quit interesting. Ela’s Fleur celebrated their first year of business. We grew as a whole. Most of our summer was full of orders, weddings and occasions. We learned a lot. Loyal customers come first, a and review isn’t the end, but the beginning of growth and spiteful, resentful individuals are not my problem-misery loves company they say.

Our ups included varies weddings-romantic spring, Garden fresh, simple greenery and sunflower gold.

We saw orders for halloween, birthdays, baptisms and anniversaries. Ela’s Fleur ran it’s first mothers day workshop successful and a fun-filled Birthday party of succulent arrangements.

A website was built out of hard work. Instagram was full of colours and wonders.

Lessons: Some orders aren’t worth the stress. Bitter individuals will always be bitter. Loyal customers will always come back.

Some struggles include misguided energy. Unnecessary worry and lack of support.

Some downs: The every creeping of mental illness. Depression is real and can creep up on you when less expected. One failure can hold on to you tighter then any one value of success.

Lack of support and understanding can lead to endless amounts of doubt, confusion and sadness.

Cheers to a year of great craft show and vendor options. Cheers to our loyal customers. Cheers to our endless hard work and amazing work ethic. Cheers to being a small business owner in a time that under appreciates originality, inspiration, innovation and anything not mass produced.

Thank-you to our amazing friends and family. Thank you to everyone because we truly have the best customers.

Cheers to a new year! A new year of floral designs, of pushing boundaries and of creating all things wonderful and florally creative.

Happy New Years to everyone! With love,

Ela’s Fleur

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